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DocVaz, a leading Medical Credentialing Service Provider, simplifies the process for you.
Our Credentialing Services remove administrative hassles, unlocking privileges,
enabling in-network integration, and speeding up reimbursements.

Credentialing In Medical Billing

Enrollment and credentialing are crucial for physicians and dentists to synchronize their billing practices, ensuring they receive optimal payments and can continue serving patients without interruption. DocVaz oversees the enrollment process, submitting necessary documentation to keep provider organizations’ physician records up to date.

Why Do Doctors Require Credentialing Services?

Prioritizing credentialing is crucial for maintaining active participation with health plans and securing patient admitting privileges. DocVaz can assist throughout the entire process, from initial enrollments to re-credentialing and expiration management. Our team handles the paperwork, streamlines the process, and follows up with insurance companies until completion. With DocVaz, you can stay fully enrolled and focus on providing quality care to your patients.

Why Choose DocVaz for Outsourcing Provider Credentialing Services?

  • Ensure your data remains current with payers
  • Access round-the-clock customer support
  • Experience quicker reimbursements from payers
  • Increase patient referrals as a result
  • Rely on our expert team for precise credentialing documentation
  • Eliminate paperwork and form-filling hassles
  • Reduce Claim Denials with efficient Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services
  • Receive structured re-credentialing services to meet deadlines
  • Connect with multiple payers effortlessly
  • Benefit from our team’s ongoing training to stay updated on credentialing rules
  • Gain a competitive advantage with cost-effective solutions.

Our Support

Our credentialing services help physicians, hospitals, healthcare labs, DME companies, and individual providers boost their insurance revenue. Whether you’re launching a new practice, adding a physician to an existing group, transitioning practices, or enrolling with a new payer, DocVaz’s credentialing service streamlines the payer enrollment process.

Streamline Your Credentialing Needs


FEE Negotiation


Demographics Update

CAQH Profile/Maintenance

Fee Schedule Updation


Insurance web logins

We aim to forge long-lasting partnerships with our clients, maintaining a steadfast commitment to consistent service excellence. Our dedication lies in continuously enhancing your overall revenue cycle management (RCM) operations by pinpointing areas for improvement and implementing effective solutions to foster success. With our unwavering efforts, we endeavor to provide dependable support that surpasses your expectations and aids you in reaching your long-term business objectives


We initiate high-paying contracts for providers.

Credentialing: Did You Know?


Start Early

Please be aware that the processing time for commercial insurance credentialing and contracting typically ranges from 90 to 120 days. However, certain plans may have longer processing times.


Pay Attention To The Details

To prevent delays in your implementation, make sure that credentialing applications are submitted with all required information.


Know Your Key Payers

Prioritize credentialing for the payers that make up 80% of your business to ensure their processes are completed first.