Denials and Appeals Management Services

Denials and appeals management services are outsourced for hospitals
Aiming to enhance their clean-claims rate, effectively handle denied claims,
And receive expert assistance with appeals.

Denial Management Services

Denied claims can greatly affect your practice’s cash flow. Efficiently handling denials can enhance cash flow and improve the overall effectiveness of the billing process. DocVaz offers effective denial management services to swiftly address and prevent most denials, leading to revenue recovery for your practice.

Reduce Denied Claims and Optimize Prompt Reimbursements

Denial rates can fluctuate widely based on physician specialty. Given that a 15 percent denial rate can detrimentally affect practice profitability, it’s crucial to analyze denial rates by specialty and promptly address high rates. At DocVaz, our adept claims management team delves into the root causes of denials to proactively prevent them and resubmits denied claims for processing, analysis, correction, and updating. Our priority is to optimize your revenue cycle and reduce your denial rate to enhance practice profitability.

Our Unique Denial Management Steps

Identifying Denial Reasons

Categorizing Denials

Developing a Prevention Mechanism

Monitoring Future Claims

What causes denials initially?

  • Inadequate or Incorrect Insurance Details
  • Errors in CPT Codes or Modifiers
  • Issues with Provider Credentialing or Enrollment
  • Mismatched Patient Names and Insurance Cards

To assist you in overcoming denials and enhancing your cash flow, we employ a methodical approach that incorporates:

  • Performing an in-depth analysis of your claims to assess the extent of denials.
  • Swiftly pursuing denied claims, contacting the insurance company, and investigating the cause of denial.
  • Assessing denials considering factors such as age, claim expiration, and adherence to deadlines.
  • Identifying denials based on payers, providers, CPT codes, and overall compliance with ICD-10 standards.

Transform Your Discards Into Dollars

At DocVaz, we recognize that effectively managing denials entails more than simply resubmitting a claim. Our dedicated team excels in identifying the underlying causes of denials, tracking recurring errors, and methodically eliminating them. Through thorough analysis of denial patterns and a proactive approach to prevention, we empower practices to minimize claim rejections and enhance revenue. Leveraging our extensive expertise in denial management, we’ve assisted countless practices in mitigating denials and optimizing their revenue cycle.