Top Medical Coding Solutions.

Zero Revenue Loss, Timely Payments.

In the USA, healthcare providers rely on medical coding services.
Our skilled clinical coders meet the coding requirements of
all specialties by assigning diagnosis and procedure codes,
enabling the creation of claims for submission to payers.

  • Providers receive payments promptly.
  • Patients are billed accurately for services.
  • Payers accept claims without rejections.

What is Medical Coding

Medical coding involves translating medical procedures, services, diagnoses, and equipment into standardized alphanumeric codes utilized in the healthcare sector. This process includes extracting diagnosis and procedure codes from diverse medical documentation sources such as physician’s notes, laboratory and radiology reports, among others.

Coding Types

To streamline medical billing procedures, the healthcare sector employs a variety of codes such as;

  • ICD
  • CPT

These coding types serve as essential tools for coders to record a patient’s medical condition and describe the medical procedures undertaken to address it.

Medical Coding Services

Our comprehensive medical coding services encompass proficient handling of ICD and CPT codes along with modifiers. Our team of certified medical coders ensures seamless and efficient coding processes round the clock. They are proficient in various tasks, including reviewing and analyzing charts and medical records, assigning codes, sequencing codes, and more.

CPT and HCPCS Coding

Diagnosis Coding (ICD-10)

Appending Modifiers

NCCI Edits Verification

Increase Medical Coding Accuracy

The primary reasons for denial of medical claims often include data errors and coding inaccuracies. At DocVaz, our team is well-equipped to address such issues and reduce the frequency of claim denials. Through meticulous and precise medical coding, we aim to streamline the submission of medical claims, ensuring prompt processing and accelerating payment.

Medical Coding Integrity Can Help Reduce Claim Denials

Optimizing claim reimbursement relies significantly on accurate medical coding. Proficiency in medical coding and reimbursement methodologies is essential for providers to secure accurate and maximum reimbursements. In our practice, we meticulously assign suitable ICD-10, CPT, Modifier, or HCPCS codes extracted from medical records and reports, ensuring precise billing and maximizing reimbursement for your services.

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